Nitrogenated Beverage Applications

Nitro Coffee combines the deep flavorful nature of cold-brewed coffee with the creamy mouthfeel that comes with nitrogen infusion. Not to mention the impressive cascade effect and milky head of foam. Getting the nitrogen into solution at the point of dispense, as well as ensuring proper ratio of concentrate and water in a Bag-in-Box (BiB) system, can be challenging.

CFV Technology provides a constant pressure which allows for the perfect nitrogenation and ratio control for the N 2, water and coffee concentrate circuits.

The accurate, constant output pressure of a CFV allows for the ideal pressure balance to deliver consistent, repeatable results with no casual pours. This creates the ideal cascade time and foam height which makes the for the perfect Nitro Coffee presentation.

Newton provides several products which can improve the performance of a nitrogenated beverage dispenser. Whether the problem is inconsistent appearance from one glass to the next, the improper mixture of concentrate and water, or nitrogen pressure variation due to regulator tampering, there is a CFV solution for each.

Nitrogenated Beverage Solutions

The CFiVe joins an upstream Constant Flow Valve with an integrated isolation solenoid to provide ultimate control of water, concentrate and N 2.

The 2X-3 WF is ideal for situations where the fluid flowing into the infuser experiences severe, frequent pressure swings from pump cycling.

The 1X-ST WF is the economical route for controlling the pressure and ratio of coffee concentrate and water in a Bag-in-Box Nitro Coffee system.

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