Discrete CFV Beverage Flow Control

Accurate, Repeatable Flow Control for Carbonated Soft Drink Dispense

The Discrete CFV combines the next generation of CFValve flow control with independent solenoids for modular, accurate and repeatable flow control for beverage dispensing applications. It is a drop–in replacement for CSD dispenser heads commonly in use in a wide variety of settings. It’s fixed-flow configuration prevents tampering, and guarantees a consistent water/syrup ratio.

Operating Pressures from 14.5 PSI to 40 PSI

The CFiVe is available in 14.5 PSI, 21 PSI, 27 PSI, and 40 PSI variants. (~1 Bar, ~1.5 Bar, ~2 Bar, and ~3 Bar)

No Wetted Mechanical Parts or Ceramics

No sliding bearing surfaces means no binding on suspended particulates

Flow Regulation Over a Wide Range (0.01 GPM to .5 GPM)

The CFiVE is usable both for water and beverage concentrates

Mounts to a Backing Block or in a Floating Configuration

Mounting options include existing backing blocks, suspended flexible plumbing, or screws.

The CFiVe has a clear unobstructed path from the inlet to the outlet which allowing water, beverage concentrates, CO 2, or N 2 to flow with ease.

The CFiVe has no sliding surfaces, is self-clearing and non-clogging. As the integrated isolation solenoid is downstream from the Constant Flow Valve it will only be exposed to the operating pressure.

The CFiVe fluid connections are made with easy to use quick-connect ½” dole fittings and the electrical connections are made with ¼” spade connectors.

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For more information on how to use the CFiVe for your specific application please download the data sheet or contact us.