Combi Oven Spritzer Applications

Combi Ovens are at the heart of most restaurant operations. One of the key features of a Combi Oven is the addition of steam to the cooking environment, which ensures the proper texture and appearance of baked goods as well as roasted meats and vegetables.

CFV Technology accurately controls water delivery so the Combi-Oven presets and recipe programs precisely meet the target steam/humidity levels. Regardless of the varying input pressures from the building, CFV technology maintains a constant output pressure delivering a consistent amount of water to the spritzer.

The accurate, constant output pressure of a CFV combined with a fixed flow orifice delivers the consistent, repeatable doses of water crucial to maintaining the right amount of steam in a Combi Oven cavity.

Newton provides several products which can improve the performance of Combi Ovens. Whether the problem is inconsistent steam performance, or variation in final product due to tampering with adjustable flow metering devices, there is a CFV solution for each.

Combi Oven Solutions

The CFiVe joins an upstream Constant Flow Valve with an integrated isolation solenoid to provide ultimate control of water for Combi Oven applications

The CFiVe Non-Electric is ideal for Combi Oven applications that use an existing solenoid valve to control water for steam, providing unmatched consistency.

The 1X-ST WF is the economical route for controlling the flow of water in a Combi Oven steam application.

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