Frozen Beverage Applications




In an FCB or FUB application, the proper proportion of water, syrup, and CO 2 is crucial, not only in terms of the taste and consistency of the beverage, but also to prevent excessive defrost cycles, equipment wear, and maintenance.

The CFiVe provides a consistent ratio for the CO 2, water, and syrup circuits at a preset pressure when coupled with a downstream orifice or needle valve. Regardless of the varying input pressures of the media from BiB pumps or pressure tanks, the CFiVe maintains a constant output pressure, ensuring the optimal ratio of beverage components that produce the desired flavor and overrun.

The accurate, constant output pressure of a CFV allows for the ideal pressure balance to deliver consistent, repeatable performance. This maintains the ideal pressure balance between the CO2 , Water, and Syrup circuits to deliver consistent and repeatable ratios into a hopper or pressurized barrel.

Newton provides several products which can improve the performance of a frozen beverage dispenser. Whether the problem is inconsistent product texture, freezing and defrost cycles due to improper ratio, or variations in overrun, there is a CFV solution for each.

Frozen Beverage Solutions

The CFiVe joins an upstream Constant Flow Valve with an integrated isolation solenoid to provide ultimate control of water, concentrate and CO 2.

The CFiVe Non-Electric is an ideal replacement for ceramics in a system that uses an existing solenoid.

The 1X-ST WF is the economical route for controlling the pressure and ratio of concentrate and water in a Bag-in-Box autofill FUB system.

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