Carbonated Soft Drink Applications




Ceramics-based dispensing limits flexibility, profitability and innovation where customers are technologically and economically “Boxed-In. New syrup product development is limited to what can be dispensed by existing ceramic flow controls where pulp and high viscosity options inhibit reliable dispensing. Furthermore, the Taste Experience and Consistency is impacted by ceramic drift, potential tampering and the need for periodic adjustments. Additionally, service requirements driven by re-brix, adjustment, call-ins for flavor adjustment greatly affect profitability.

CFV allows for Equipment Flexibility where CFV flow controls can be used for multiple ratios, high yield >400:1, multiple viscosities, and pulp/particulates. Customers benefit from the improved taste experience where CFV achieves Bottle Quality ratio across the pressure range. CFV is also Tamper Proof. Its Fixed Flow Simplicity and no adjustment means no calls for re-brix. This leads to service efficiency with no brixing, ease of flavor-change, and a reduced service time. CFV Future Proofs existing legacy equipment for future beverage development.

In a CSD application CFV Technology provides a constant rate of flow for the Carb Water, and Syrup circuits at a preset pressure when coupled with a downstream orifice. Regardless of the varying input pressures of the media from BiB Pumps, Carbonator or Recirculating Python Systems, the CFValve maintains a constant output pressure delivering a perfect ratio.

Additionally, the emergence of flavor shots allows for expanded selections at the dispenser. CFV Technology is ideal for dispensing the minute, precise pours required for most flavor shot applications.