Frozen Beverage Applications

In an FUB or FCB application, the CFiVe provides a constant rate of flow for the CO 2, Water, and Syrup circuits at a preset pressure when coupled with a downstream orifice or needle valve. Regardless of the varying input pressures of the media from BiB Pumps or Tank Pressure, the CFiVe maintains a constant output pressure delivering a perfect ratio and an ideal overrun.

The CFiVe combines an upstream Constant Flow Valve with an integrated isolation solenoid to provide ultimate control of the dispensed fluids. This allows for the ideal pressure balance between the CO 2, Water, and Syrup circuits to deliver consistent and repeatable ratios into a hopper or into a pressurized barrel.

The CFiVe has a clear unobstructed path from the inlet to the outlet which allows CO 2, high viscosity fluids, solids, seeds, and pulps to flow with ease.

The CFiVe has no sliding surfaces, is self-clearing and non-clogging. As the integrated isolation solenoid is downstream from the Constant Flow Valve it will only be exposed to the operating pressure. This allows for a smaller power requirement thus a lower profile solenoid and power budget.

The CFiVe fluid connections are made with easy to use quick-connect ½” dole fittings and ¼” Electrical Spade Connectors.

For more information on how to use the CFiVe for your specific application please contact Newton CFV.