CFValve 2X-3 WF

CFValve 2x-3 WF

Accurate, Repeatable Flow Control for Beverage and Food Components

The Gate 2X-3 WF (water and food contact) CFValve™ brings economical, accurate, and repeatable flow control to the beverage and food dispensing and processing industry. It is used in batch production and autofill systems, as well as dispensers. With standard NPT fittings and a maximum inlet pressure of 350 PSI, the Gate 2X-3 CFValve™ is an adaptable, robust part of any food or beverage system.

Available in 10.5-40 psi operating pressures

The 2X-3 WF is available in a range of configurations dependent on the application’s needs

Low cost, high accuracy

The 2x-3 WF is accurate to ±3 percent of its target output setpoint

Flow Regulation Over a Wide Range
(0.5 GPM to 7 GPM)

The 2X-3 WF is usable both for water and beverage concentrates as well as food processing applications


With a 3/4 FNPT inlet and 3/8 MNPT outlet, the 2X-3 WF can be adapted to a variety of readily available fittings

The 2X-3 WF has a clear unobstructed path from the inlet to the outlet, and is self-clearing and non-clogging.

The 2X-3 WF has a variety of mounting options available, from inline mounting to multi-positional brackets.

The 2X-3 WF fluid connections are made with standard 3/4 FNPT inlet threads, and 3/8 MNPT outlet threads.

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For more information on how to use the 2X-3 WF for your specific application please download the data sheet or contact us.