CFValve 1X-ST WF

CFValve 1X-ST WF

Accurate, Repeatable Flow Control for Beverage and Food Components

The Newton 1X-ST WF (water and food contact) CFValve brings economical, accurate, and repeatable flow control to the beverage and food dispensing and pro-cessing industry. It is used in batch production and autofill systems, as well as dispens-ers. With standard NPT fittings and a maximum inlet pressure of 300 PSI (20.68 Bar), the Newton 1X-ST WF CFValve is an adaptable, robust part of any food or beverage system.

14.5 PSI Operating Pressure

The 1X-ST WF is available in a standard 14.5 PSI (~1 Bar) operating pressure. Other configurations are available

Low cost, high accuracy

The 1X-ST WF is accurate to ±1.5 percent of its target output setpoint

Flow Regulation Over a Wide Range (0.01 GPM to .5 GPM)

The 1X-ST WF is usable both for water and beverage concentrates at various flow rates


With a 1/4 FNPT inlet and 1/4 MNPT outlet, the 1X-ST WF can be adapted to a variety of readily available fittings

The 1X-ST has a clear unobstructed path from the inlet to the outlet. There are no sliding surfaces, and the valve is self-clearing and non-clogging

The 1X-ST has small footprint and is rugged and lightweight, allowing it to be used inline with existing plumbing.

The 1x-ST WF’s fluid connections are made with standard 1/4 NPT threads, allowing a wide variety of fittings to be used

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For more information on how to use the 1X-ST WF for your specific application please download the data sheet or contact us.